Wikus Hattingh was born in Windhoek, South West Africa (Now Namibia).  His mother was a bookkeeper and his father an artisan.  Although poor, they had a dream or shall we rather say, a calling.  Wikus's father felt a calling on his life to become a full-time preacher and his mother had a similar calling.  At that time, they did not have the necessary qualifications to be ordained in the ministry.  They had to work very hard and through long hours to qualify.  Through Gods grace and determination, they eventually qualified and followed their dream.

Wikus learnt from them.  In his own life he had many setbacks, but the motto "Where there is a will, there is a way" was and is in his heart.  Wikus's wife supports him in every venture, and they found strength in their upbringing and their faith in God Almighty.  Mac-C-Do Engraving is an extension of the gift from God.  Wikus also does poetry and sketches, write stories and paint.  He published three books, and also did all the illustrations for the books.  Some of his paintings can be seen in a gallery in Parys (Free state).  His sense of art forms a crucial part in the engraving environment.

We will endeavour to satisfy our customers with high-quality work that is needed to add that extra bid that conforms something ordinary to extraordinary.

Mac-C-Do Engraving can do!



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